Yes! I have wanted to do a Narwhal tattoo for several years now, and I am very excited with the outcome.

This Narwhal tattoo is on my very dear friend, Eric.

Eric got the Narwhal tattoo for two reasons, one being that they are native to the waters near his ancestry’s homeland in Finland. The other reason being that it is just such a strange looking creature. I learned a few interesting things about the Narwhal, one really interesting thing is that they mate for life, which is rather rare in the animal kingdom. Apparently the horn is actually a tooth, which acts as a sensory tool rather than a weapon. Eric and I have discussed doing this Narwhal tattoo for almost a year now, and I am very excited that it finally came to fruition. I would really enjoy tattooing more aquatic life in the future, as┬áthis Narwhal tattoo was something a bit different than the usual eagle and wolf tattoo.