Mn Tattoo

    Nobody’s Darling Tattoo

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    I made this heart and dagger tattoo for David this fall, we have been working on his arm for a while and are starting to fill in some of the smaller spaces--it seems like almost everyone ends up with a good, dagger-shaped space! Thanks so much for trusting me to do so much work on your arm David, it...

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    Lady Trieu Tattoo

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    I made this Lady Trieu tattoo for Karla a little while ago, in honor of her daughter. One of the coolest parts of tattooing is you learn so much about so many different things--I didn't know anything about this story from Vietnam until Karla asked me to work on this project with her. The story goes...

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    Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing Tattoo

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    Pelle sub agnina latitat mens saepe lupina: Under a sheep’s skin often hides a wolfish mind. I recently had the pleasure of making this wolf in sheep's clothing tattoo on Ben. This is a nice change of pace from all the other wolf tattoos I've made recently...not that I ever would get sick of wolf ta...

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    Boar Head Tattoo

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    Nolan got this boar head with a spear going through it tattooed on his inner arm a few weeks ago. This was a great project, it was fun to play around with the similarities between the structure of a boar's head and a wolf's head. I also really enjoy tattooing gory imagery, which would probably surpr...

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    Ship in a Bottle Tattoo

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    The technique of putting ships in bottles was developed during the early 19th century. On ship voyages that lasted months or years, sailors developed nautical folk art such as scrimshaw and impossible bottles during their off-watch time aboard a ship. There are several ways to put a ship inside a bo...

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