Our goal at Sea Wolf Tattoo Company is to provide Minneapolis and the surrounding twin cities in Minnesota with solid, bright, powerful tattoos that you can be proud to wear every day. Although at Sea Wolf Tattoo Company we primarily focus on traditional American and Japanese tattooing, we pride ourselves on being very diverse tattooers and are more than happy to tackle any of your tattoo needs.

Sea Wolf Tattoo Company is located at 1832 East 35th Street at Cedar Avenue across from Matt’s bar, in South MPLS, Minnesota.

Walk-ins Welcomed!

Matching friendship tattoos!!!

I had the pleasure of tattooing two great humans last week. They chose an image out of my design book to get as matching friendship tattoos! Thanks Mimi and Carmen!


Wild new one on the back of a thigh. Thanks for looking!!!

Tofer’s ribs!!!

We finished Tofer’s ribs yesterday. We were able to do this one in 2 sessions. I’ve been tattooing him for 2 years almost monthly, sometimes more. I’d love to do more big pieces like this one!

Gorilla Tattoo

Well I somehow managed to slack off on posting any tattoos for awhile. Here’s a gorilla tattoo that I made on Casey. This is such a fun image to tattoo. As with any snarly animal head, you can capture so much detail and the baring teeth make for a very dr…

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing Tattoo

Pelle sub agnina latitat mens saepe lupina: Under a sheep’s skin often hides a wolfish mind. I recently had the pleasure of making this wolf in sheep’s clothing tattoo on Ben. This is a nice change of pace from all the other wolf tattoos I’ve made recentl…

Eagle Tattoo!

Here is one of my favorite images for a chest tattoo, an eagle. This eagle tattoo is on a good friend of the shop, John. John is a MPLS firefighter and all around awesome dude. It’s surprising that after all these years I’ve only done a very small handful…

Pretty lady with a sharp dagger

Here’s a fun one I got to tattoo on Justin. I’m sure I’ve written many times over how much I love to tattoo lady faces and daggers, so you can imagine the joy that washed over my face when Justin came in with this idea. I tattooed this one quite some time…

Scorpion Tattoo

Scorpions are one of the images I can remember associating with tattoos when I was a kid (and barbed wire). They come and go from popularity but as far as I’m concerned, never a bad choice.

Rose Tattoo

These are some roses I made for a regular client of mine. Roses are an ever-present motif in american tattooing. They are a classic choice and will never go out of style. come see me in the shop sometime and I’ll make a classic-cool rose tattoo special fo…