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    Eagle Woman Tattoo

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    As per usual, I will start this post off by stating that it’s been forever since I’ve posted any tattoos here. So in order to catch up, I’ll be posting some older tattoos here. This fun Lady/eagle mashup Tattoo is on my longtime client Mykel. He always has super fun Tattoo ideas and it’s always a tr...

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    Stippled Roses Tattoo

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    I had such a good time working on these stippled roses for Sahkeena last week! Sahkeena wanted to get a detailed rose design as a memorial tattoo, and she knew she wanted the shading to be stippled. Stippled shading has become really popular in the last few years, and I think its a really nice way t...

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    Nurse Tattoo

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    I got to do this nurse tattoo for Chelsea a few weeks ago to celebrate her graduation from nursing school. Chelsea is a third generation nurse! Nurse tattoos, or a "rose of no man's land" are a classic tattoo image, and it's easy to see why. Women's faces always make for a beautiful tattoo, and a nu...

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    Little Red Riding Hood Tattoo

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    Little red riding hood is a French fairy tale about a little girl walking through the woods and a big, bad wolf. The story has been changed and adapted throughout history to fit the times. The original story is much more grim than the story most are familiar with now; the wolf eats the grandmother a...

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    Native Beauty Tattoo

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    This was so much fun to tattoo! This Native Beauty was tattooed on my longtime client, Corey. Corey is Ojibwe, he also has the warrior with the wolf headdress tattooed on him. I have an affinity for Native themed tattoos, particularly due to their connection with classic American folk art, but also...

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