Soldering Iron Tattoo

I had a really great time working on this soldering iron tattoo for Jared a couple weeks ago. A soldering iron is a hand tool used to melt solder so that it can flow into the joint between two pieces–often used for electronics assembly. Jared is a self-proclaimed electronics nerd who got this tattoo to remind himself and others the value in making things. Soldering irons are also used by tattooers to make the needles we use to apply tattoos. In recent years, tattooers have become more likely to buy pre-made needles from a supply house rather than build their own needles. Many older tattooers encourage younger tattooers to continue to learn and understand how to build needles to understand our craft, how the tools truly work and are made, and keep the rich history of our trade alive. I really love the message to “Make Stuff,” I think it’s so important to stay connected to the things we use every day. To make, fix, maintain and interact with our world is an important part of how we define ourselves and our surroundings. Thanks Jared, for getting such a fun tattoo and for encouraging the world to make stuff!