Here we have the Sea Wolf tattooed on my dear friend, Rod.

I originally painted the Sea Wolf  last fall, when first dreaming up the idea of the company.

I then hung it above my station, it sort of served as the carrot for the mule during this whole process. The name, Sea Wolf Tattoo Company, originally came to me when out on one of my antiquing adventures with my fiance, Heather. I stumbled upon an old cartoon strip from WW2 era, of the stages of a Navy sailor transforming into a howling wolf. The painting was titled “The Sea Wolf”. I later had a few beers with my good friend and we discussed the idea of opening a place of our own. I showed him my treasures from the day of antiquing, and after seeing the Sea Wolf, he and I looked at each other and knew the shop must be named the Sea Wolf Tattoo Company. This design was something I thought a literal Sea Wolf would look like.