Rose and Wheat Tattoo

I got to do this rose and wheat tattoo last week, and I wanted to write a post about it because I think it’s such a great example of making a tattoo meaningful, while still sticking with classic imagery. Whether a tattoo should carry personal meaning and what constitutes “meaning” is something we hear discussed in the shop almost constantly. Personally, I believe that whether you choose a tattoo off the wall on a whim, or labor over what images best represent your friends, family, or experiences, tattoos always carry meaning. What makes you choose a seemingly random piece of flash, what draws you to it, the experience you have with the artist and the shop, who else has worn the tattoo in the designs history, all carry meaning. Carmen wanted a rose because she thought it would look pretty, but added the wheat because her family farms grain in the midwest. Later, we realized the rose and wheat tattoo fell on her wrist like a corsage, and felt very romantic and feminine. I would love to do more tattoos like this!