Nick is the jam. He lets me run with whatever random tattoo he decides on.

In this particular case he had some trouble deciding on what to put on his elbow.

So we went with a rose and anchor tattoo, pretty timeless if you ask me. I had lots of fun with this one being it had such classic elements all in one. Nick has been getting tattooed by me for about four years now. It started with having to repair a very poorly done tattoo on him, in which I wasn’t too thrilled about at the time. I never would have thought that several years later I’d still be tattooing this guy with awesome ideas and having all sorts of fun. I feel very grateful for having clients like him, reminds me to always appreciate people for whatever design they choose…you never know who will become a lifelong client/friend. Tattooers sometimes get caught up being annoyed by people’s choices in tattoos, me being one of them at one point, but we all need to realize that we are damn lucky to be able to have this job, and learn to appreciate all tattoos that come through our doors. Thanks for looking!