Owl Girl Tattoo

Recently I traveled to Providence, Rhode Island to visit friends and do a guest spot at Hope Street Tattoo. I love working at Sea Wolf, and its hard to be away for too long, but it is nice to get a fresh perspective and hang out with new people for a few days. This owl girl tattoo is one of the tattoos I got to do during my visit. Allison had a lot of ideas she wanted to incorporate into one tattoo, I’m really glad we were able to make them all work together! It’s a really common challenge amongst my clients to have a lot of ideas and want to combine them all into one ultimate tattoo. Allison was really great to work with because she made a couple of important decisions–she was willing to go big, and she was willing to part with some ideas to make room for others. I know we’ve said it before in our blog posts, but it really is great to work with clients who put their trust in us and are enthusiastic when we take the idea and run with it. I feel so lucky that we have such a great clientele at the Sea Wolf, it makes working on challenging projects so rewarding. Thanks Allison!