Michelin Man Tattoo

I did this Michelin man tattoo for John about a month ago to commemorate his time working as a bicycle mechanic in a shop that featured vintage posters of the Michelin man. The Michelin man’s official name is Bibendum, he is the symbol of the Michelin tire company and one of the oldest trademarks. The character was created by the French cartoonist Marius Rossillon, and was originally a rejected advertisement for a brewery, before the Michelins convinced him to change the illustration to have the man made of tires. They retained the tagline from the original advertisement, “Nunc est Bibendum,” or “Drink up” in English, a quote from Horace. In the context of selling tires, “drink up” refers to drinking up road hazards, other advertisements from the time depict Bibendum toasting his competitors with a champagne glass full of glass. Thanks so much John, it was fun to learn about this image from you and to tattoo it!