Little Red Riding Hood Tattoo

Little red riding hood is a French fairy tale about a little girl walking through the woods and a big, bad wolf. The story has been changed and adapted throughout history to fit the times. The original story is much more grim than the story most are familiar with now; the wolf eats the grandmother and the little girl and a lumberjack cuts them out of the wolf’s stomach and replaces them with heavy rocks that kill the wolf. The story warns how an innocent person can be taken by a criminal or dark underworld and put themselves and loved ones at risk. The story can also be interpreted as a warning tale to obey your mother, to stay away from strangers, or to warn young women about dangerous or aggressive men. Whatever your interpretation of the fairy tale, wolves and girls always make for great traditional tattoos, and I had a great time doing this tattoo for Zach. I would love to do more tattoos like this! Thanks, Zach!