Hourglass Tattoo

I got to do this skeleton hand and hourglass tattoo for Michael last week. Images such as hourglasses and pocket watches are popular in tattooing, perhaps because the permanence of a tattoo is a reminder of time to the wearer. Unlike most other methods of measuring time, the hourglass concretely represents the present as being between the past and the future, and this has made it an enduring symbol of time . The hourglass is often depicted as a symbol that human existence is fleeting, and that the “sands of time” will run out for every human life. The image of an hourglass often appeared on pirate flags, to strike fear into the hearts of the pirates’ victims. In England, hourglasses were sometimes placed in coffins, and they have graced gravestones for centuries. The hourglass was also used in alchemy as a symbol for hour. Thanks Michael, it’s always a pleasure!