Girl Tattoo on a Hand

I did this tattoo of a girl with rose in her hand on Dave’s hand a couple weeks ago. A hand tattoo is a big commitment, and I really appreciate Dave trusting me to do this tattoo for him. Hand tattoos are considered a big commitment because of their visibility—having a tattoo that isn’t regularly covered by clothing can have a big impact on a client’s job prospects as well as how the world sees them. Because of this, I think hand tattoos can look especially powerful and have a big impact on a person’s appearance, but are also a choice that should be carefully considered. In recent years, it’s become popular to get the sides of your fingers tattooed with a word or a small, simple image. We at the Sea Wolf spend a lot of time counseling clients who are not heavily tattooed on the choice to tattoo their hands. We don’t discourage it, but we do encourage people to carefully consider how having a hand tattoo will affect them. As a heavily tattooed person who is well established in his career, Dave is a great example of someone we feel confident tattooing on his hands. I had a great time working on this tattoo, and look forward to doing more tattoos like this! Thanks Dave!