Girl Head Tattoo

I got to do this girl head tattoo for Derek a couple weeks ago and had a really great time working on it. I really love working towards finding the simplest way to articulate something, like the lines in the braid being drawn a little differently to show a braid drawn tightly against her scalp. People ask us a lot if we ever get sick of tattooing popular ideas in our shop, like girls or wolves or panthers, and everyone’s answer is always, “no way!”. One of the great parts of working with traditional imagery is that you’re always working towards gaining a greater understanding of the subject matter–why it was drawn the way it was decades ago, where and how you choose to update or illustrate or simplify it this time around, how to resolve the placement or client’s ideas with how you know it will work best. Thanks so much for trusting me with this one Derek, I really enjoyed sitting with you!