Different Strokes for Different Folks

I had a lot of fun working on both of these tattoos. The black rosemaling on the left was a project that was different to work on, I really enjoyed trying to capture the brush-like quality and movement of rosemaling in a tattoo, while still working to give Monica a tattoo that would age well. This kind of tattooing works really well in black because although it is made to look softer without an outline, it still has the black to give it some structure. This tattoo also has a small cover up in it that we just brushed into the rest of the design. I had a lot of fun working so loosely and in such a different style than usual.

I did the poppies in the second photo for Sandy to add on to a floral sleeve. It’s always challenging to add on to someone’s existing work; I try my best to strike a balance between my own vision, the client’s vision and the previous artist’s vision so the whole piece feels cohesive but not limited by the existing work. Sandy was really awesome and open-minded about the best way to add on, and I’m looking forward to continuing to work on it. Thanks gals!