Black Widow Tattoo

Black widow spiders are named for the act of sexual cannibalism they are known for, after mating the female spider consumes the male. In popular culture, there are a few different women who have been dubbed “black widows.” One of the most famous is Vera Renczi, a woman from Romania who confessed to poisoning 35 people, including husbands, lovers and her own son, in the 1920’s. When police followed up the disappearance of one of Renczi’s victims, they searched her wine cellar and found 32 unburied zinc lined coffins. Each contained a male victims body, in varying states of decomposition.  Renczi was arrested and taken into police custody where she confessed to having poisoned the 32 men with arsenic when she suspected they had been unfaithful to her or when she believed their interest in her was waning. She also confessed to the police that on occasion she liked to sit in her armchair amidst the coffins, surrounded by all of her former suitors. While this tattoo wasn’t inspired by a murderess and was more likely just a cool combination of images, it does lend itself to the image of the black widow. Thanks so much Hayden! Happy Halloween folks!