Bike Babe Tattoo

Since 2001, Minnesota has claimed to have more miles of bicycle trails than any other in the United States. In 2010, Bicycling Magazine named Minneapolis the country’s #1 bike city. This cycling enthusiast decided to show some bike love by getting a tattoo of a girl wearing a cycling cap, or casquette. Casquette is French for “cap,” and in cycling jargon refers to the peaked cotton cap worn by racing cyclists. Although the casquette has become less common with the rise of the cycling helmet, they are still a popular fashion item and worn by competitive cyclists on the winner’s podium. The casquette is designed so when worn forward, it shields the cyclist’s eyes from sun and rain without compromising the line of vision. The cap can also be sported backwards to protect the neck from sunburn. A traditional way to keep the head cool while cycling is to place a cabbage leaf under the cap. Happy cycling!