We are happy to present our installment in the popular YouTube series “American Hipster Presents”

American Hipster Presents is an online documentary series where they explore 10 different US cities with 5 different episodes: Music, Style, Social, Food, and Art.

When they visited Minneapolis, they filmed all of us at the Sea Wolf Tattoo Company for their style episode. It was a very fun and new experience for all of us. My views on Tattooing being presented in the media have been mostly oppositional in the past, but now I’m finding more and more filmmakers wanting to present tattooing in more of a positive, informative way. This was no exception. The production quality with these folks is amazing, and they as a group are fun and creative. For the other Minneapolis episodes they filmed Secret Stash Records, Travail restaurant, the Broken Crow Art Crew, and the Vote No rally during the election.Check out their other episodes, they found lots of great talent in this country.