Month: November 2017

    Nobody’s Darling Tattoo

    Tattoo by in Traditional Tattoos.

    I made this heart and dagger tattoo for David this fall, we have been working on his arm for a while and are starting to fill in some of the smaller spaces--it seems like almost everyone ends up with a good, dagger-shaped space! Thanks so much for trusting me to do so much work on your arm David, it...

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    Panther Tattoo

    Tattoo by in Traditional Tattoos.

    This fall I got to work on a fun project with my new friend Selena--we did a panther tattoo and a tiger tattoo on her chest in two sessions! Selena has definitely spent her fair share of time in tattoo shops, it was awesome to add to her collection and hear about her experiences getting tattooed and...

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    Lady Trieu Tattoo

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    I made this Lady Trieu tattoo for Karla a little while ago, in honor of her daughter. One of the coolest parts of tattooing is you learn so much about so many different things--I didn't know anything about this story from Vietnam until Karla asked me to work on this project with her. The story goes...

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