Month: August 2016

    Full Time at Sea Wolf!!!!!

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    Hey Everybody! I'm now at Sea Wolf Tattoo full time! I am Very Excited to join this team of extremely talented tattooers. Looking forward to the new inspiration and push that this move will give me. You can find me at the shop Wednesday, Thursday and Saturdays. For booking, you can call the shop or...

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    Burning Bra Tattoo

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    While burning bras are imagery closely associated with the Women's Liberation Movement of the 1960's, there is actually no record of women burning bras at protests and demonstrations. Historians believe that the symbol originated at the Miss America protest in 1968, at which women threw fake eyelash...

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    Pheasant Tattoo

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    I've been asked a lot how people choose the designs they get from me that end up in my portfolio, especially the more unusual and unique concepts. Sometimes the design is about a specific memory or object, sometimes the client doesn't tell me and I put it in my portfolio because I think it looks nea...

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    Futakuchi-onna Tattoo

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    In the past year, I've had the good fortune to start working on a series of tattoos on different clients based on Japanese folklore and ghost stories. This futakuchi-onna is the most recent ghost tattoo I've gotten to work on, and the biggest. When I work on these tattoos I try to base the imagery a...

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