Month: March 2016

    Different Strokes for Different Folks

    Tattoo by in Traditional Tattoos.

    I had a lot of fun working on both of these tattoos. The black rosemaling on the left was a project that was different to work on, I really enjoyed trying to capture the brush-like quality and movement of rosemaling in a tattoo, while still working to give Monica a tattoo that would age well. This k...

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    Hand and Rose Tattoo

    Tattoo by in Traditional Tattoos.

    My good friend Maren recently got her first tattoo from me after many years. I was super excited to do this hand and rose tattoo on her, she is off to a great start in collecting tattoos. Next up for her is a lady head with some flowers and arrows tattooed on her shoulder, it's gonna be a good one!...

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    Southwestern Cuff Tattoo

    Tattoo by in Traditional Tattoos.

    I got to do this cuff tattoo for Emma a few weeks ago. It was really fun to loosely design the tattoo after southwestern jewelry--we tried to reflect it in the shapes in the design as well as the color palette. Cuff or band tattoos are always a challenge, especially trying to make a repeating patter...

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    Boar Head Tattoo

    Tattoo by in Traditional Tattoos.

    Nolan got this boar head with a spear going through it tattooed on his inner arm a few weeks ago. This was a great project, it was fun to play around with the similarities between the structure of a boar's head and a wolf's head. I also really enjoy tattooing gory imagery, which would probably surpr...

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