Month: November 2015

    Lion Tattoo

    Tattoo by in Traditional Tattoos.

    Happy Thanksgiving! Here is a lion tattoo that I made on my very old friend, Jake. I love the lion as a tattoo design, it's such a powerful image. Really any fierce predator works so well as a tattoo design, but specifically big cats are the best. I'm surprised you don't see many traditional lion ta...

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    Dagger Tattoos

    Tattoo by in Traditional Tattoos.

    Once again I let quite a bit of time slip by without posting on here, so still playing catch up. Here we have a couple dagger tattoos that I tattooed last spring. Dagger tattoos are some of my favorite images in the tattoo world as they are so versatile and can pretty much be worked into any design,...

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    Grim Reaper Tattoo

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    This grim reaper tattoo was a really fun project for me. I really enjoy working on a larger scale and getting to figure out fun ways to make a tattoo with a dynamic design that moves with the body. This was a very fun project to work on in a very painful area, thank you so much for hanging tough and...

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