Month: November 2013

    Bear Pipe Tattoo!

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    So yeah, it's a pipe with a bear head, not much else to say about that. This is a great example of just getting an image simply because it makes for a good tattoo. There's no deep seeded message or meaning, no story of death or loss, just a bear pipe tattoo. This tattoo is on one of my favorite peop...

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    Dagger Tattoo

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    "Tattoos generally function as psychic armor. Often a marker of a state of mind or events, meaning is accrued with time; the bearer explains the mark's significance and the story of how and where it was acquired. Much of the symbolism or meaning cannot be articulated and is private to the wearer, as...

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    Lady Head Tattoos!

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    Well here is another example of one of my favorite kinds of tattoos: Lady heads. If I could tattoo one of these a day I would not get sick of doing them. This lady was inspired by some old 1920's era photographs I found. Her headpiece reminds me of something that could be a mixture of old Greek and...

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    Cobweb Girl Tattoo

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    Spiders of the genus Latrodectus are called black widows, because the females kill and consume males during mating rituals. In popular culture, women who murder their spouse or husband are also known as "black widows." While this girl doesn't seem to threaten violence, the idea of her having spun a...

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    Halloween Tattoos!

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    Happy belated Halloween! I meant to post this Halloween tattoo on the 31st, but life happened and I forgot. This tattoo is on Brooke, who is a very awesome person from Duluth. She wanted two tattoos for her favorite holidays, Christmas and Halloween. The Halloween idea was originally going to be a h...

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