Month: July 2013

    Flapper Girl Tattoo

    Tattoo by in Traditional Tattoos.

    I was lucky enough to do this flapper girl tattoo on my lovely wife, Heather. Women are probably my most favorite subject matter for tattooing, and this one is right there at the top. The tattoo is practically life sized on her thigh, and was referenced from several different vintage photos of 1920'...

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    Native War Pony Tattoo

    Tattoo by in Traditional Tattoos.

    Got to do this super fun war pony tattoo on my longtime client Corey. I think Native American inspired art is probably my favorite subject matter for tattoos. Many people find that it would be disrespectful to the Natives, but I see it as a homage rather than satire. It reminds me of a time long pas...

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