Month: May 2013

    Bike Babe Tattoo

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    Since 2001, Minnesota has claimed to have more miles of bicycle trails than any other in the United States. In 2010, Bicycling Magazine named Minneapolis the country's #1 bike city. This cycling enthusiast decided to show some bike love by getting a tattoo of a girl wearing a cycling cap, or casquet...

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    Medusa Tattoo

    Tattoo by in Traditional Tattoos.

    This Medusa tattoo was so much fun. The tattoo is on Rachel, a very stand up individual. The medusa is on her thigh, and is almost life sized. I really enjoy being able to do stuff this size as there are so many more things you can do with detail. The tattoo is a bit more illustrative than my other...

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    Fireflies in a Mason Jar Tattoo

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    Got to do this super fun tattoo on Mimi, of fireflies in a mason jar. This tattoo was my birthday present to her a few months ago. I got so caught up with other stuff I completely forgot to post this. I love tattoos like this, as they are completely original ideas that can be easily turned into a tr...

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    Sea Wolf Tattoo!!

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    It has been too long since we posted, sorry for that. The Sea Wolf is getting super busy, which is a great thing, but leaves us unintentionally ignoring updating this site. Anyhoo, I am very stoked on being able to do this Sea Wolf tattoo! I don't think I need to go into much detail about the design...

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