Goat Tattoo

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    Yes! I've wanted to do a crazy goat tattoo for some time now. This goat tattoo is on one of my oldest clients, Klecko. Klecko has been coming to me for his tattoo needs for about 6 years now. He has become more of a friend than a client, which is one of my favorite things about this job. Klecko was...

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    Red Fox Tattoo

    Posted on by Tattooer in Traditional Tattoos.

    Got to do this super fun fox tattoo on an old client, Sarah, last week. Sarah has been getting lots of fun tattoos from me over the last few years, this one is definitely my favorite. Canine tattoos have been a reoccurring theme for me at the Sea Wolf, most notably wolves. It's refreshing to have a...

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    Sea Wolf Tattoo Video!

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      Please click on this post to enjoy the video. Our good friend, Riley Erickson, helped us out with another video project. Riley is a filmmaker with the House of 1817, a company that makes rad snowboarding films. He is also an exemplary tattoo client, one who appreciates all good things in tatt...

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