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  Please click on this post to enjoy the video. Our good friend, Riley Erickson, helped us out with another video project. Riley is a filmmaker with the House of 1817, a company that makes rad snowboarding films. He is also an exemplary tattoo client, one who apprec... Continue reading: Sea Wolf Tattoo Video!
The hammerhead shark is named for the flat, laterally extended shape of its head, called a "cephalofoil." The cephalofoil allows the hammerhead shark to see above and below at all times, giving the shark a 360 degree view of the vertical plane in front of it. Hammerhead sharks are one of the few typ... Continue reading: Hammerhead Shark Tattoo
Mackenzie chose to get a rabbit tattoo to represent her Chinese zodiac sign, the fire rabbit. The Chinese zodiac, or Shengxiao, is a system that relates attributes of certain animals to a 12-year cycle. Although many people are aware of the animal assigned to their year in the Chinese zodiac, few ar... Continue reading: Fire Rabbit | Rabbit Tattoo
Here we have a Drishti Bommai tattoo on Rob. The Drishti Bommai is an Indian deity meant to ward off evil spirits. As Rob explained to me, people would keep statues of the Drishti Bommai around their homes, on their doors, and even on the grills of their automobiles. What I really love is how this d... Continue reading: Drishti Bommai Tattoo
That's right folks, the Sea Wolf Tattoo Company tee shirts are now available! They are printed on American Apparel Unisex tees with the Sea Wolf Tattoo Company logo of the snarling wolf. We have sizes ranging from extra small to extra large. Larger sizes will be available for special order. Once the... Continue reading: Sea Wolf Tattoo Company Tee Shirts Are In!
Well I've done another Sea Wolf tattoo. This is on Danny Klecko, who has been a very loyal client and friend to the Sea Wolf Tattoo Company. This Sea Wolf tattoo is based on a Sailor Jerry design, which is sort of a howlin wolf style drawing. This is more true to what the Sea Wolf Tattoo Company's n... Continue reading: Yet another...Sea Wolf tattoo
Yet again, another Sea Wolf tattoo. It truly is amazing that all these people have come out of the woodwork to support the Sea Wolf Tattoo Company. It just proves to us that this place had to exist. The branding for the Sea Wolf Tattoo Company has brought on such positive feedback as well, the wolf... Continue reading: Sea Wolf Tattoo...
Here we have a snarling wolf tattoo on my friend Pete. This was part of the Sea Wolf Tattoo Company's belated grand opening special. We painted about 45 different designs for our clients to choose from, in which we did for $50 each. This wolf tattoo was one from that sheet, inspired by a wolf tattoo... Continue reading: Snarling Wolf Tattoo
Here we have the Sea Wolf tattooed on my dear friend, Rod. I originally painted the Sea Wolf  last fall, when first dreaming up the idea of the company. I then hung it above my station, it sort of served as the carrot for the mule during this whole process. The name, Sea Wolf Tattoo Company, origina... Continue reading: The Sea Wolf Tattoo

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