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The hammerhead shark is named for the flat, laterally extended shape of its head, called a "cephalofoil." The cephalofoil allows the hammerhead shark to see above and below at all times, giving the shark a 360 degree view of the vertical plane in front of it. Hammerhead sharks are one of the few typ... Continue reading: Hammerhead Shark Tattoo
My friend Shawn wanted a buffalo tattoo and I had asked if we could do a "white" buffalo. He was really into it. I decided on a few small flowers to frame him in. The white buffalo or bison are very spiritually significant in many Native American beliefs. They are rare and very cool. Even cooler as... Continue reading: White Buffalo Tattoo
Mackenzie chose to get a rabbit tattoo to represent her Chinese zodiac sign, the fire rabbit. The Chinese zodiac, or Shengxiao, is a system that relates attributes of certain animals to a 12-year cycle. Although many people are aware of the animal assigned to their year in the Chinese zodiac, few ar... Continue reading: Fire Rabbit | Rabbit Tattoo
We are happy to present our installment in the popular YouTube series "American Hipster Presents" American Hipster Presents is an online documentary series where they explore 10 different US cities with 5 different episodes: Music, Style, Social, Food,... Continue reading: American Hipster Presents Minneapolis!

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