Sea Wolf Tattoo Company - Traditional Tattooing in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Here we have a heart and butterfly tattoo on my coworker and friend, Dylan. Above the butterfly tattoo is a banner saying "Who Does?". This was for Dylan's Mother, who would always say "Who does?" in reply to Dylan whenever she'd mess with her. This butterfly tattoo was very loosely referenced from... Continue reading: Heart and Butterfly Tattoo
Well I've done another Sea Wolf tattoo. This is on Danny Klecko, who has been a very loyal client and friend to the Sea Wolf Tattoo Company. This Sea Wolf tattoo is based on a Sailor Jerry design, which is sort of a howlin wolf style drawing. This is more true to what the Sea Wolf Tattoo Company's n... Continue reading: Yet another...Sea Wolf tattoo
Here we have a Yeti Tattoo on Zach. Well, sort of a Yeti tattoo, with Ram horns. Zach, from Alaska, had been visiting family in MN for a week and decided that a Yeti tattoo was in order during his trip. This was lots of fun, as he drew the original design for the Yeti tattoo, and allowed me to make... Continue reading: Yeti Tattoo
Yet again, another Sea Wolf tattoo. It truly is amazing that all these people have come out of the woodwork to support the Sea Wolf Tattoo Company. It just proves to us that this place had to exist. The branding for the Sea Wolf Tattoo Company has brought on such positive feedback as well, the wolf... Continue reading: Sea Wolf Tattoo...
Here we have a Native girl tattoo on my friend Kareena. This particular native girl tattoo was based on a Sailor Jerry design she had brought in. I've always been enjoyed flash like this Native Girl tattoo,  they have a real folk art quality to them, and can be a reminder of who once roamed these la... Continue reading: Native Girl Tattoo
Here we have a snarling wolf tattoo on my friend Pete. This was part of the Sea Wolf Tattoo Company's belated grand opening special. We painted about 45 different designs for our clients to choose from, in which we did for $50 each. This wolf tattoo was one from that sheet, inspired by a wolf tattoo... Continue reading: Snarling Wolf Tattoo

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