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Here we have the Sea Wolf tattooed on my dear friend, Rod. I originally painted the Sea Wolf  last fall, when first dreaming up the idea of the company. I then hung it above my station, it sort of served as the carrot for the mule during this whole process. The name, Sea Wolf Tattoo Company, origina... Continue reading: The Sea Wolf Tattoo
That's right folks, the Sea Wolf Tattoo Company will be holding a special on Saturday, June 2nd, from 11am-7pm. We will be doing select, hand painted flash designs from all of us at the Sea Wolf Tattoo Company, all for $50/tattoo. The designs will be black and grey, and will be related to the Sea Wo... Continue reading: Sea Wolf Tattoo Company Belated Grand Opening Special!
I got to do this masked girl head tattoo based on a piece of Amund Dietzel flash. I love doing girl head tattoos, they're so fun! I did this girl head tattoo on my friend Carrie last year. She really likes traditional tattoo art, so we referenced Amund Dietzel flash for girl head tattoos. The masked... Continue reading: Masked girl head tattoo
Here we have a cry baby tattoo done on my good friend Klecko. For our opening day, we did Milton Zeis designs at a special price, this cry baby tattoo was one of those. This cry baby tattoo was part of a 20 page flash set from Milton Zeis, who was a very prominent figure in early tattoo history. He... Continue reading: Cry Baby Tattoo
The Sea Wolf Tattoo Company opening at 11am, Saturday the 12th of May! That's right folks, after a long and arduous journey, we have finally completed this magnificent specimen of a Tattoo Parlor. We couldn't be happier with the outcome of the Sea Wolf Tattoo Company, it has a real Americana Museum... Continue reading: The Sea Wolf Tattoo Company Opens Tomorrow!!

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